Chancellor's Message



The Bahra University is a prestigious venture of Rayat Bahra Group. The university aims to build a congenial atmosphere to create an intellectual academic community. The Bahra University’s vision is to be one of the leading universities in India. The university is fast evolving in the context of individual aspirations and social needs of the community. BahraUniversity believes that we have a special responsibility to nurture education, human capital and abiding values that promote freedom of thought, innovation and creativity, which are essential for academic excellence.

The Bahra University provides a disciplined, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere which enables the students to experience the learning, knowledge and wisdom they acquire. At the foundation of Bahra University, lie talented professionals, faculty staff and students who with their creativity, ingenuity and drive will join in advancing human knowledge and pursuing scientific discovery for the benefit of all. Although we have been successful in this journey to some extent however I believe this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.

We welcome you to the Bahra University and are delighted to provide you with all assistance in achieving your academic goals.