Dr.Sumita Sood
Head, Department of Chemistry 
Greetings from Department of Chemistry 

Chemistry is often called the central science because it deals with the fundamental building blocks of life and the inanimate materials we encounter daily. Chemists develop new materials for sustainable energy, new therapeutics for the treatment of disease, better ways of understanding polymer reactions and more accurate approaches to measuring pollutants, to name but a few. Chemistry is a very collaborative undertaking and as a student in the Chemistry Program, you will learn to think critically with other scientists from all fields. You will create new molecules and understand the theory behind doing so. The Department of Chemistry, Bahra University, is one of the premier departments of the University. The department a team of extremely well qualified and highly motivated faculty members who have strong commitment to teaching as well as research. Our students find great careers in widely varying fields from energy to medicine to teaching and learning and beyond. Welcome to a world of opportunities. 


The Department has a student-centric vision, which views student education, training and preparation for today’s technologically-based society and job market as top priority. Our Department provides a highly diverse and nourishing environment, which enables students to actively participate in the department’s life, and excel in their studies.


The Department of Chemistry is committed to the mission of building concepts of chemistry through quality teaching and research awareness. The Department strives to train chemists who are competent on national scale and hence globally, and who will be efficient leaders in industry, academia and government.  The Department is also committed to conducting innovative basic and applied research that advances the frontiers of knowledge and addresses local and national problems.


Dr.Sumita Sood

HOD Chemistry