Mr. Parikshit Sharma  H.O.D,

School of Hospitality & Tourism

Welcome to our School of Hospitality and Tourism at Bahra University. For years, we have had the opportunity of educating students at the Undergraduate and Post - Graduate levels to become industry professionals with exciting careers in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industries. We believe in a very personalized approach to education. Our faculty meets with each student continuously to review his or her professional, academic and personal development. Each student has the opportunity to participate in numerous Extra-curricular and Student group activities in -the University. Located in the foremost hospitality center in Himachal Pradesh, each year, we receive numerous career track job opportunities for our students. We are privileged to possess an outstanding teaching faculty and facilities. This combination of location, faculty and facilities has drawn students from different states to learn about hospitality at Bahra University. Since its founding, the School has produced many Masters and Graduates in management positions in the hospitality industry.

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