Admissions 2017 (for detailed information, see Admissions 2017)
School of Law
Prof. & Dean (Dr.) Hans Raj Jinghta
School of Law

School of Law of Bahra University welcomes all the students of B.A.LL.B and LL.B s in the session 2017-18. School of law has completed the four years with academic excellence. It is a matter of pride that, you have shown the accountability in attendance to fulfill all the terms and conditions of examinations with great enthusiasm and passion. Teaching faculty of School of Law also contributed in the development of student fraternity of law. Good legal education can be imparted with the help of teachers and students efforts in their respective field. School of law works towards the growth, development and formation of such a generation of students who possess the intellectual genius, moral consciousness and social responsibility to ensure the Rule of Law, not just locally but also propagating the same globally. As we lead the way in legal professional education, the onus is on us to show the way in integrating the rule of law within the society and remove any discrimination with respect to person, property or community in the society. School of law is a breeding ground for Judges, Legislators and Public Servants in the making which would form part of the governing system in the future. We endeavor to make them best in whatever they do and polish them into professionals who would make a mark in the legal arena.
In order to help the students to achieve their goal in life courses are designed in such a manner so that the capabilities and liking of students are judged and they are helped to achieve their goal with perfection. Legal education is an instrument of social change and lawyers are the social engineers of the society and the role of law, both as an instrument of social change and as a defender of societal values becomes one of paramount significance. Legal education is an important component of the administration of justice. In order, to meet the societal needs the University has established School of law. To impart, the social relevant legal education is vision and mission of school of law. Therefore, curriculum of law is amended as per present expectation of the society. Good legal education will prepare the well-trained lawyers, legal scholar, corporate consultants, etc. who can contribute in the different phases of the society. We believe to provide the best services & facilities. The basic problem of legal education has been the existence of big gap between law and practice. In order to bridge this gap the university has designed a placement scheme from the 1st Semester till the completion of the course/degree. The students are required to work in law offices/law forms in a defined manner. They are not only trained to work with the legal material but efforts are made to inculcate reasoning in them to appreciate and solve legal problem in right perspective.
Academic standards at Bahra University have remained consistently high. Teaching & clinical programs are carefully designed to satisfy the needs of the profession. The school of law is established to constantly upgrade the quality of education and actively participate in research to remain on the cutting edge. The School of Law has an excellent faculty. Close personal contact between the faculty and the students is the hallmark of the academic at Bahra University. It makes the work environment demanding and yet rewarding because there is a large degree of individual attention. The students feel encouraged to explore fully their individual ideas and are invigorated by the stimulating intellectual guidance provided by their teachers. The university ensures a continuing and regular flow of distinguished scholars from outside to enrich the learning process of the students of Bahra University. With this record of Bahra University, School of Law will do its best to prove itself on the expectations of the students.

Prof. Hans Raj Jinghta
Dean, School of Law

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