Activities of School of Management

Expert Lectures

Sr No. Resource Persons Designation/Organization Topic Participants Date
1 Mr. Rajesh Sukhija Manager, Times of India How you Should Prepare for Future MBA II 21/3/2017
2 Mr. Vikas Maria Regional Manager, Educare Transformation in Education Sector MBA/ BBA 29/3/2017
3 Prof. Pawan Garga Professor/HP Universtiy Workshop on Marketing MBA II 19/4/2017
4 Mr. Girish Minocha Chairman/Minchy Food All May third Week


Community Service

Sr No. Place Activity Participants Date
1 Shimla Gurdwara Contribution in Gurdwara Services Under Graduates Third Week of April 2017
2 Sankat Moachal Temple Contribution in Temple Services Post Graduates Third Week of April 2017
3 Visit to Wakna Village Learning Activity of Village Life All


Industrial Exposure Visit- I (for MBA, M. Com., BBA, and B.Com. 1st semester students

Sr No. Organization Participants Date
1 Minchy , Sadhupul/Wildcraft ,Solan Batch of 30 MBA II students May 2017 First Week
2 HPMC, Parwanoo, Base Terminal/Solan Batch of 30 BBA II students May 2017 Second Week
3 HPMC, Parwanoo/ Base Terminal/Solan Batch of 30 B.Com II students May 2017 Second Week




Sr. No. Expert Name Organisation Subject Date Batch
1 Mr. S.K. Singh Time Management 3/4/2013 BBA(2013-16)
2 Prof. Balkrishan Bali Himachal Pradesh University Research Methodology 4/4/2013 MBA(2012-14)
3 Prof. Kulbushan Chandel Himachal Pradesh University CSR 14/4/2013 MBA(2012-14)
4 Dr. Satya Vrat Bhardwaj Bahra University IPR 2/5/2013 MBA(2012-14)
5 DR. A.K. Saihjpal Punjab University Finance 21/5/2013 MBA/BBA



Industrial Visits

Sr. No. Organisation Visited Date Topic Resource Person Batch
1 Vardhman Industries 18/3/2013 Manufacturing and HR Mr. Manoj BBA(2011-14)
2 HPMC Jabli Plant


2/4/2013 Manufacturing, Branding & Packaging Mr. B.M. Saini MBA(2012-14)
3 HPMC Parwanoo Plant


2/4/2013 Manufacturing , Branding & Packaging Mr. Kaushik MBA(2012-14)
4 Gpi Textiles, Nalagarh


5/4/2013 Manufacturing and HR Mr. L.K. Singh MBA(2012-14)
5 Ranbaxy Ropar(BBA1st


27/4/2013 Operations Mr. Harish BBA(2012-15)
6 Buzzuka, Ambience Mall BBA2 21/5/2013-22/5/2013 Marketing BBA(2011-14)