Vce-Chancellor's Message


Prof. (Dr.) Satish Kumar
Vice- Chancellor

I am pleased to welcome you at the Bahra University. Located amidst the sylvan surrounding of Shimla hills of Himachal Pradesh, the Bahra University is one of the fastest growing Universities in North India. The University “seeks to be on the forefront of knowledge creation and dissemination in the global context”. The Bahra University is proud of a vibrant campus and a thriving community comprising of talented students, great faculty and state-of-the art-infrastructure.

The Bahra University is designed tocater to the needs of a diverse group of students representing all parts of the country as also overseas students. The University provides perfect ambience and environment for pursuit of academic excellence. It is an exciting moment in the life a student and at the same time it demands new adjustments and the discipline of sincere learner of concepts, skills and attitudes. The Bahra University follows an innovative learning approach comprising of class learning, individual learning, group learning, real life projects, community service and problem solving. As a student you will learn to handle new, sometimes challenging situations in a cross cultural environment. The Faculty at the University works closely with the student to facilitate learning in a partnership mode with the students. It is going to be great learning experience for you.

The Bahra University provides ample career development opportunities with its partnership agreements with a large number of industrial, business and social organization including Universities and Institutions abroad. The Career Development Cell guides the students to train themselves for great careers depending on the talent, aptitude and life objectives. The mentor program at the University takes care of the personal, emotional and career needs of its students.

With core values of academic excellence and freedom to pursue research and consulting, the Bahra University attracts highly accomplished and reputed faculty from all corners of the world. The University offers a challenging intellectual environment with focus on cutting edge and inter-disciplinary research with post-graduate and doctoral programmers in diverse areas of study. The University provides ample opportunities for innovative research and real life community development projects. The Bahra University follows a set of core values:

Leadership: We aim to be a leading University having linkages with other leading universities and knowledge related organisations.

Cutting edge: We seek to be on the cutting edge of knowledge, both in knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination.

Global perceptive: we design educational programs keeping in mind the global markets, global practices and global resources.

Value creation: we are highly value conscious and are committed to create value for all stake holders including students, parents, community, network partners and associates.

Outreach: the University is committed to look for real life solutions benefiting the community at large both in research and development of technologies.

Networked: we wish to seek strong linkages with industry, research and knowledge centered organizations.

I invite you to explore career, skill development and life enhancement opportunities at the Bahra University, Shimla Hills. The Bahra University is your resource for a life time.