Department of Mathematics

Dr. Shalini Garga
Head, , Department of Mathematics

“We cannot always build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future.”

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Bahra University. We started our journey in the year of 2010. Over the last seven years, we have grown our expertise and competence in the core mathematical curriculum and research.

Mathematics is the language of the universe, the foundation of science, engineering, business, and to a lesser extent, the arts. Mathematics is the cornerstones of human thought and creative innovation. Our faculty members encourage our students to understand and use intuitive and logical modes essential to their future careers. We constantly endeavor to maximize the quality of our academic programs, to support efforts to improve the quality of teaching, and to increase opportunities for students through research project, interdisciplinary studies, and projects. We hope to nurture our students’ passion for mathematics by offering co-operative education to ensure high quality teaching and learning, and to simultaneously meet the needs of our students and the university.

Our department offers M. Sc. Mathematics which started in the year 2015. The mathematics curriculum emphasizes logical inference, with a focus on proving theorems and a view toward depth and abstraction. The first year study program lays the foundations for the advanced courses that are studied in the second year. These courses expose the depth and beauty of mathematics, as well as its applications to practical problems. The course contents are periodically updated for introducing new scientific and technological developments. Our department also supports various under-graduate and post-graduate courses in the university.

Faculty Details

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Shushil Chaudhary Associate Professor Ph.D
2 Dr. Shalini Garga Assistant Professor Ph.D
3 Mr. Prakash Chand Thakur Assistant Professor M.Phil., M.Sc.(Maths), M.Ed.
4 Ms.Yogita Bala Assistant Professor M.Phil, M.Sc(Maths), B.Sc
5 Mr. Dinesh Thakur Assistant Professor M.Phil., M.Sc.(Maths)
6 Ms. Divya Gupta Assistant Professor M.Phil., M.Sc.(Maths)
7 Ms. Anuradha Thakur Assistant Professor M.Phil., M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed

Technical Staff Details

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor(Communication Skills) Ph.D*, M.Phil
2 Mr. Rattan Assistant Professor(Communication Skills) M.Phil (Mass Communication)


  • Communication Lab
  • C & C++ Lab
  • Numerical Lab