Department of Physics

Mr. Ritesh Kumar
Head, , Department of Physics

Message From HOD

The Department of Physics provides a solid understanding of physical principles, problem solving, mathematical and computational skills, as well as broad experimental knowledge. Students have countless opportunities for Research, Industrial visits & live projects in the education program.
Our faculty members have a good research experience in a wide variety of disciplines including Condensed Matter Physics, Nanotechnology, Material Science & Microwaves.
In Bahra University, Department of Physics, faculty and students work side-by-side to explore the knowledge from Material science to Nanotechnology.


Course Course Duration Student Intake
M.Sc Physics 2 Years 40

Faculty Details

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Ritesh Kumar Assistant Professor M.Phil, M.Sc.
2 Dr. Parul Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D
3 Ms. Jyoti Assistant Professor M.Phil, M.Sc.

Technical Staff Details

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Pankaj K. Dhiman Lab Tech MSc Physics


S. No. Name Description
1 Spectroscopy Lab The main purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the wave number nature of light by measuring wavelengths of various spectral lines ammited from a mercury lamp with a diffraction grating spectrometer, and to observe various diffraction patterns.
2 Electronics Lab The experiments in this labs are used to introduce the most fundamental laws & circuit diagram. In this labs we learn to take the outcome of various experiments with the help of their circuit diagrams.
3 Nuclear Physics & Condensed Matter Physics Lab Introduce the students to sum of the basic techniques and approaches used in nuclear physics. regarding radio active disintegration processes such as alpha decay, beta decay and gamma decay.