To become the leader in the field of transformative education and advance learning where we can generate world class value specific, competent and intellectual human capital and empower the students to fulfil their desire of diverse academic and professional pursuit.

The university shall provide an advance, adequate and ample opportunity platform with accessible and affordable learning centers for every aspirant learner to gain practical and hands on experience to compete in global market, preserving his/her cultural roots and values intact.


Within a vibrant and ever challenging environment to provide excellence in higher and advance education, Rayat Bahra University discovers, disseminates and apply new technologies and minds through research, partnerships, technical collaborations and community involvements

The focus remains to provide and uplift the standards, quality of education and enriching learning experience.

To impact a multitude of learners with skill based professional courses, Employability quotient, and Experimental learning with customized industry vetted curriculum.

The university would thus become an instrumental and emerges as a strong channel for being a national and international voice of innovation, thus taking a lead in placing India on global forefront.